2015 has seen a distinct rise in mergers and acquisitions activity in the energy sector. Already, deals valued at almost $300 billion have been finalised; this is in comparison with a figure of only $273 billion for the full 12 months previously. The latest energy companies to announce involvement with M&A plans are Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum.
Exxon Mobil's plans include purchasing Celtic Exploration Ltd, which is a Canadian firm, in order to have more of a foothold in the shale oil fields located in the nation's southwestern provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The deal would cost Exxon Mobil an estimated $3 billion.
Meanwhile, BP has approved a deal in which OAO Rosneft, an oil company controlled by the Russian government, would purchase TNK-BP, which is itself already a joint venture between a group of wealthy Russians and BP itself. TNK-BP is currently worth in the region of $50 billion; its acquisition by OAO Rosneft would mean that the Russian company becomes the world's leader in output for gas and oil. Exxon Mobil currently holds this position. The deal would also mean that Rosneft acquires an even greater advantage when it comes to exploiting the petroleum resources located in Russia's vast land mass.
Not all the news for energy sector M&A is sunny, however. Canada has said that it will not accept a bid from an oil company based out of Malaysia. This has caused some industry analysts to wonder if the Exxon Mobil deal will be one of the last involving Canadian oil shale.

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